Creation of SLMDCL, Sindh Land Management & Development Company Limited in 2010 was a manifestation of Sindh Government's commitment to bring a steady and continuous improvement in the investment climate in the province and more specifically to bring about discipline in real estate development and management. The new paradigm foresees that the abundant land available in the Province of Sindh is a resource which if responsibly and effectively managed can contribute towards the socio-economic development of the Province.

SLMDCL is a private company setup under Companies Ordinance 1984 it is owned by Government of Sindh and is one of the first such endeavors of its kind in the country. The vision of the government behind creation of SLMDCL was to establish a modern, transparent and futuristic management tool which develops state of the art linkages between state land, technology and potential investors. In this connection, SLMDCL develops and executes investment opportunities for large, medium and small investors on a national and international level within the Province of Sindh.

SLMDCL is intended to act as a fully functional one window operation facilitating all aspects of project development in the real estate sector, from conceptualization to implementations stage, developing highly value added sustainable projects which not only boost investor confidence but also result in the achievement of the government s socioeconomic objectives bringing about increased prosperity to the province and its people.

Sindh Provincial Assembly has already provided a legal structure for Public Private Collaboration by enacting the Sindh Public Private Partnership Act 2010. SLMDC sees itself as a key player in bringing together the resources available to the public sector with best practices in the private sector. SLMDCL continues to pursue its goal to bring prosperity to the people of the province of Sindh by creating jobs and economic opportunities, by facilitating investments, and by creating sustainable communities for a better tomorrow.