Sindh, cradle of the Indus civilization, is the second largest province of Pakistan and has remained a historical, cultural and economic hub of Pakistan since the country’s inception.  Named after the Indus River which courses through it, Sindh boasts of a vibrant culture, thriving industrial base, abundant natural resources, well developed infrastructure and transport links and a highly developed financial, services and industrial sector.  Combined with the investor friendly policies of the Government of Sindh, this makes Sindh the most promising destination for business and investment.

Sindh plays a pivotal role in the national economic and development agenda. The country's largest port city, Karachi, is the financial capital of the country. The Province comprises of 23.7% of Pakistan's population and 18% of its land area. It has the highest concentration of urban population at 49% as compared to an overall country average of 32.5%, making it the most urbanized province in the country. With 23.7% of country's population, its contribution to the national GDP is around 30% and is contributing 65-69% of national tax collection.

The Sindh Government realises that available vacant government land is one of the biggest and most valueable classes of public assets. Proper exploitation of this valueable resource can speed up growth, enhance development activities and create substantial employment. It is a common knowledge that Government does not possess specialised structure and skills required to develop programs of such nature and thus private sector has to be involved to achieve common goals and objectives.

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